"The Actor is the well that we draw from"


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“The actor is the well that we draw from.”

Bandana Pictures is an independent film company dedicated to making quality pictures through creative ideas, stories and talent. We began in 2003 with a simple vision. We realized that with all of the new technology the ability to create a film was exponentially simplified. We now have the ability to do just what we wanted. We wanted to have fun making pictures. 

We could now take the ball and run with it in new and exciting ways. We were not chained to the old paradigm on how to make a film but we now have opportunities that we could have only imagined, and we could take advantage of that, and we have.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have a rich history with many talented individuals in all aspects of the industry. This is where we have drawn our motivation. For this we are grateful, because without their support Bandana Pictures would not have progressed to the point where it has surpassed our wildest dreams.


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