"The Actor is the well that we draw from"

The 2009 Cinema City International Film Festival Gala

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 15, 2009 The 2009 Cinema City Black Tie Gala and Awards Ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency Century on Saturday was a huge success. "The Festival and Fundraiser truly exceeded our expectations," said filmmaker Suzanne DeLaurentiis. Screenwriters, directors, producers, filmmakers and movie buffs turned out en masse for three days of screenings of films from all over the world.

It was a sold out Gala this year, hosted by Actor Al Bandiero featuring AgreenDay.Org as the event's Title Sponsor. The Cinema City International Film Festival also served as a tribute and fundraiser for injured soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. "We proudly support our troops through the Oregon National Relieve Fund and the Marine Veterans Association," said Co-Founder, Suzanne DeLaurentiis.

The evening's star studded cast of award presenters included actors Cole Hauser, Barry Pepper, Bai Ling and Richard Gant. The Festival's opening night film, Like Dandelion Dust, also starring Oscar winning actress Mira Sorvino, won the Best Feature Film Award.

Among those walking the Red Carpet and on hand to support our Annual Festival and Fundraiser were Recording artist Taylor Dayne, award winning screen writers Steve Revele (Ali and Nixon) and Gary Brockette (who is also a film producer). The Cinema City Film Festival, named by Movie Maker Magazine as one of the top twenty five film festival's in the country, provides a critical point of entry to artistic filmmakers who came from all over the world. Other prominent awards went to the filmmakers of Who Will Stand, Klara Wizel, the Story of a Holocaust Survivor, Sabastian's Voodoo, an animated creation by Joaquin Baldwin and Prayers for Peace, a documentary by Dustin Grella.

Cole Hauser stirred emotions when he presented a special award to a severely wounded soldier who is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Bai Ling followed his presentation, providing comic relief to the attendees during her presentation of the award for best foreign film. Afterwards, award winning actress Bai Ling lightened up the evening with her infectious humor, presenting the award for Best Foreign Film. Richard Gant, character actor in a plethora of Hollywood features presented the award for Cultural Diversity in Filmmaking to Freddie Robinson. This award is presented to individuals whose films transcend cultural and social values and perspectives to the film industry.

Festival co- founders, Suzanne De Laurentiis and Juliette Harris stated, "Each year the festival grows leaps and bounds and nothing compares to the pride and joy the festival winners emote. To be involved in a small way of what may help shape their future in film making is unbelievably rewarding." Many festival goers shared writer Bill Green's enthusiasm when he said, "this was a great opportunity for me to showcase my work as a screenwriter and the Black Gala was absolutely fabulous."


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