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The Klara Wizel Story

Danny Naten and R.J. Gifford

Compiled and published by Beverly Naten

And then the tattoo... Numbers were painfully inked onto our arms. Mine was A-7845. This was the Nazis' way of permanently dehumanizing us especially for traditional Jewish families like ours where tattooing is prohibited.

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Bandana Pictures is an independent film company that has been dedicated to making quality pictures through creative ideas, stories and talent since 2003. We began with a simple vision that has expanded to showcasing our completed projects as well as displaying the works of others. We realized that with all the new technology the ability to demonstrate our creativity was exponentially simplified.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have a rich history with many talented individuals in all aspects of the industry. This is where we have drawn our motivation. For this we are grateful, because without their support Bandana Pictures would not have progressed to the point where it has surpassed our wildest dreams. Our story continues to evolve and we hope to continue to entertain and enlighten you.


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Auschwitz Escape

The Klara Wizel Story

At sixteen years old, Klara is full of life with a loving family.  But her spirit quails when she and her family are swept up with fifteen thousand other Hungarian Jews and forcibly transported to one of the world's most infamous concentration camps: Auschwitz-Birkenau. There Klara comes face to face with one of history’s most infamous Nazi doctors, nicknamed The Great Selector and the Murderer in White, Josef Mengele. Klara watches in horror as Mengele sends her parents, her younger brother, and her older sister to the gas chamber, leaving Klara and her two remaining sisters to be housed like animals in the women's barracks. There they live in constant fear of Mengele choosing them for one of his cruel scientific experiments.

As the Russian allies close in, Mengele steps up his selection process and sentences Klara to the gas chamber. But in a miraculous turn of events, Klara escapes both the chamber and Auschwitz itself and makes her way across war-torn Europe to her hometown.    

This is one of the most extraordinary and inspirational books of survival and resilience in the face of deep loss and extreme cruelty.

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